Thursday, 15 March 2012

Is it real?

My 'photograsis' was trying to get me to do something other than 'meh' with my face, these are the test shots for want of a better term.

Coat- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Wedges- Rocket dog

Even somebody with less than eagle eyes will be able to tell, my hair has mysteriously changed length and colour over night. Well, I can safely say that I've not had hundreds of pounds of extensions nor hit the (dye) bottle, which leaves only two options; wig or mythical enchanted hair lotion. Surely not a wig I hear you cry! anything but a wig! Well sorry, but yes, it is a wig. I have decided to ditch my wig shame and embrace the simplicity, lazyness and time saving qualities they provide. I admit it, I love wigs and am more than happy to wear them on any occasion be it work, collage, day out, I see no problem with it, and what's better than being able to compleatly change your style at a moments notice? I'm not saying I prefer them over my real hair, or that I'm only ever going to wear wigs now, I see them as just another accessory.

 At first I was a bit embarrassed about wearing them in public where people might, shock horror, actually see me! I got over that a long time ago though when I realised most people think it's real, and even if they don't so what, does that instantly make it look bad? no!

I've also recently bought this one which I hope to debut soon (after some much needed backcombing!)

I say wigs are a win, but would you wear one? or do you dislike the very though?


  1. I love your coat!!!
    I would wear a wig if I found it comfy, I love my hair but theirs not much I can do with it so a wig would be a great alternative xxx

  2. I like your meh face, but those other faces you made are better! Great outfit!

  3. i have nothing against wigs or wig wearers !
    but i just don't think i would have the confidence to leave the house in one !
    yours looks great though :)
    and i see your point about a new style :)
    I think i have a phobia of fake hair i don't like the idea of extensions either though :/

  4. I love your faces, your outfit, and your wig!!!!! I love wigs. I have 2, a pixie and one that's like, mermaid length. I feel funny wearing them to places I often go to (bars), but I don't care at all about it just being out and about. It's fun to change your look instantly :)

    Mabel Time

  5. Thank you for you comment :o) Try a blonde wig in your next post! I may have to have a go with wigs - really want a katy perry type hue but would never dare to!

    Great blog :o)

    Lara @bakemyday xxx

  6. I like the idea of being able to change your hair really quick but I would always be afraid that someone would grab it off my head or something. I'm such a clutz that it would probably get stuck in my car door and I wouldn't even realise!
    I really like that one that you have just bought, can't wait to see the pictures!

  7. wow, this is awesome! I have never understood the weird stigma surrounding wigs - i used to use them a lot in photo art projects just as an excuse to change up my look. Call it art and people are ok, what a strange world we live in!


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