Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mushrooms, butterflies and grass

Polishes used:
BYS- Starlette// La femme-black cream// La femme- light pink cream// No.7- Luck Lilac
Revlon- Pinkish// NO.7- Pillar box// A-England- Saint george// Sinful colours innocent
La femme- White cream// Sally Hansen Insta-dry topcoat 
Sorry, that post title probably left you with a bad case of;

Moving on...

Some nail art for my Mumma. Although my mums nails are not long, I love doing them because they're a bit of a challenge. She hates a full, solid coat of colour, and thinks it emphasises the shape of her nails too much. And she can't be trusted with anything like fimo or sequins as she just can't resist picking at them, plus her job doesn't lend it's self so well to delicate add-ons. All this combined forces me to be just that little bit more creative, also, I get to do some of the more delicate and difficult work I can't do on my own nails, meaning I don't get stumped with the dreaded 'orphan hand' *shakes fist at the ambidextrous*.


  1. oh my gosh, your nails are so pretty and so cute! :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. Very pretty !
    So detailed :)
    Nail envy !

  3. this is awesome! How did you draw it so well? Are the nail polish drawing pens?

    and hilarious comment about the orphan hand - its so true!! I only stick to basic colours when doing my nails, as thats the only way I can get both hands to look good :)

    Talitha xx


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