Sunday, 3 June 2012

More Jubilee nail art! Cath Kidston-esque...

I personally hate red, white and blue, (apologies patriots) it's just not me, so it was never going to make the cut for my own personal mani! So, after some thorough googling I came up with these. I got my main source of inspiration from Kokoro nails (she is a fantastic artist in her own right, definitely give it a look if you're a bit of a nail art freak like me!), with a bit of a Cath Kidston floral going on in there too. It's very satisfying to look at, I just hope it holds out over the bank holiday!


  1. these are so impressive, I love your take on it!

  2. I'm suffering from some serious nail art jealousy right now! I love these, they make me wish I wasn't so cack-handed!

  3. Wonderful nails; Sara


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