Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Now for something totally related...

The mani to match the previous post.

Fruit fimo-Claire's accessories//BYS-glam glitter gold finger//Boots 17- go go
Beauty UK- neon orange//sinful colours- inocent
A paint job on my own mitts for once! and suitably rough around the edges too. I sponged on a yellow, green and orange gradient than then added on the fruit fimo slices to jazz it up a bit (as if the orange wasn't already making my eyes bleed). Having used just top coat to stick these on, I was opening doors via elbow for quite a few hours (I got quite dexterous in the end, ever made a cup of tea with your elbows?), so advice to you and my future self is; use glue, not elbows. Anyway, my threshold for mani boredom being what it is, I also chucked some holo glitter on there too. Personal verdict for this is a much over used 'meh', it's nice 'n' all but, to be perfectly self absorbed, it's not very 'me', and the neon-ness makes me look even more corpsy that usual!

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