Thursday, 21 June 2012

The pains of being pale

Are maxi dresses still 'in'? Whether they are or not is fairly irrelevant to me in terms of wearing them myself, but in terms of general opinion, are they? At least those horrible gypsy skirts that were in about ten years ago aren't back yet *shudder* I await their return in fashions next 70's faze with a closed purse.
Anyhoo, here I am in one, a maxi dress that is, on one of those rare occasion I'm not being lazy (read as penny pinching) in my free time. 

Maxi dress- Primarni//Cardigan- H&M// flip flops- toff central aka Jack Wills

Gemma said I looked like a ginger Morticia Adams, so I did my best pose. *FAIL*

Tractor of proof, we are actually in the countryside.

Beautiful mumma, doing her best elegant pose. 

Oh the HAIR!!! *claws at screen*

OMG he totally stuck it through his head! *facepalm* Dad jokes eh!
One thing I will add to this post, I feel of the utmost importance, is what a giant pain in the arse it is to be pale at this time of year, I feel like a freaking vampire, cowering from the sun. I know nothing but fear for it's rays, would I perhaps like it for instance, if it didn't hold the threat of turning me into a giant lobster after a few minutes out side without factor 50+? And to my impatient and naturally tan-but-not-burnt friends, I would like to say; I'm not high maintenance, I just don't fancy turning into a human blister! And with that lovely mental image, I'll say goodbye.


  1. I have never hated maxi skirts or maxi dresses. This one on you is lovely. Speaking of lovely... your mother is beautiful. Nice post! :)

    1. Thank you, she will be quite chuffed when I tell her that!

  2. Your dress looks very nice! And your hair goes with it so well!

    1. Thanks B, ginge is always a winner! ;)

  3. I love a good maxi dress, and yours is gorgeous!


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